The Original Inheritance of Vinyl Records. JHVinylShop Foundation.

In November 2016, after a series of unfortunate events, and from an inherited stack of LPs that were destined for a landfill, Jason Hathaway, 33 of Arizona USA, saw the potential for an 'Old School Record Store' and the idea for 'JHVinylShop' was officially conceived. Jason was unwittingly about to discover a passion beyond his wildest imagination. His ideas transpired in a way comparable to other entrepreneurs of his time, such as the late Walt Disney or the legendary Steve Jobs. The defining difference segregating him and them, was that in his case, 'Vinyl Albums' were the prevailing topic at hand.

With much room consumed by stacks of Vinyl LPs, Hundreds upon hundreds of albums, Jason and a couple of his close acquaintances partied together and decided it was prime time to delve into he heaps of inherited vintage records. At the peak of the evening, and with a single drop, The stylus landed in some dusty grooves that were chock-full up with 'Back-Masking' and 'Mind-Bending Effects', Jason became instantaneously hooked! He was about to embark on a trip that would change his life from that point forward. He knew he had a huge inventory of true originals and it was a great start toward something even greater!



Quintessence 12 Inch Vinyl LP - In Blissful Company 1969 Psych Rock Gem

That night, Jason's entrepreneurial spirit transcended above all else, and that's when he first entertained the idea of starting his small local record store from a 'Plastic Tote'. The idea for JHVinylShop was now 'Set In Stone' and his 'Purpose' was to share the magic of 33's with the world! It was an enlightening calling from the universe indeed.

He invested his time into learning everything he could about vinyl albums and quickly excelled to be an expert in the niche. He naturally developed a special appreciation for 'Classic Rock', 'Psychedelic Prog Rock', and 'Rarities' of the late 60's and early 70's that helped pave the way for much of our music today. It was "Just Like That" and Jason was treading along a path that was helping to revive a media format nearly lost to history. He was creating his legacy.



Jason & Kayla - Las Vegas, NV. 2018. Molly Hatchet 40th Anniversary Tour.

Soon his wife Kayla, who had been keeping tabs on things, also dropped into the picture. She was officially on board, and with her shared support and sentiments for vinyl media, quickly excelled to 'Expert Status' in the field as well. Today JHVinylShop is owned and operated by both Jason and his wife Kayla and remains 100% Fully fueled through their combined passions for 33' Vinyl LP's. It's their passion and love for vinyl records that fuels their success.



JHVinylShop - Organic Growth Is Key!

With only incredible "Organic Growth" being the major change between 2016 and 'Now', JHVinylShop continues to forge ahead the same 'Old Fashioned Way' that you've come to expect and love us for. Located in the High Deserts of Northwest Arizona, conveniently between 'Sin City' Las Vegas, The world famous 'Grand Canyon Skywalk', and the World Famous US Route 66, JHVinylShop is alive and bigger than ever before!!



You Can Always Trust JHVinylShop!

With honesty, integrity, and complete transparency through your entire shopping adventure, and with our past 'Expert Experience' in our trade, It's as easy as 1-2-3, and you can sleep well now, knowing your order will be fulfilled as efficiently as possible with the utmost care. We truly want you to be happy. It's ONLY because of YOU, your support, and your loyal following, that we're able to be your #1 'Go-To' Online Record Shop now. As always, we thank you and we truly appreciate you more than you'll ever know. 




We're honored to be your premier source for vinyl records! We'll always aim for the moon and beyond to deliver the music you need as quickly and safely as we possibly can. We're sharing our passions with the world!  We're here for you 24/7, Right now,  today and tomorrow too! By now you must know exactly what we're all about...


With Great Thanks And In Memory Of Robert 'Buck' Buckler.

Robert "Buck" Buckler

October, 19th 1946 to November, 2nd 2016.


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