It's here exclusively for expressing our appreciation for all who've excelled above and beyond helping us to success. Contributions from our friends help make us everything that we are now. We've compiled this list of those who we think are warranted more recognition than we can ever express. Without further ado... 


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Cas Haley:  "Sometimes when one door closes, another one opens. Texas singer-songwriter Cas Haley never imagined that in the year of the pandemic, both doors would belong to a 2020 Lincoln Corsair that would take him on a musical adventure across the country. But maybe he shouldn’t have been surprised. It was just the latest soulful swerve in the musical ebb and flow of a career that’s been both full of challenges and mightily blessed."

Clejan - The Trap Violinist:  "Clejan is a violinist, vocalist, trap producer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. His debut EP is available now!"

Company:  "Charleston songwriter Brian Hannon is the face and voice of pop/rock band Company, but he’d prefer to lead a solidified group than to carry on as the ringleader of an endless rotation of guest musicians."Official Company Website Via Exit Stencil Recordings."

R33VO - AKA Reve Kalell:  "Your friendly neighborhood Inter-Dimensional Traveler! Reve Kalell is a hip hop artist from Denver, CO whose controversial lyrics has drawn the attention of many music heavyweights around the world. His talent and belief in freedom of expression have led him to earn the title of one of the most gifted emcee. His lyrics push past the stereotypes of hip hop music by bringing a message of positivity and personal growth."

Shady Grove Records:  "Kingman Arizona USA - A store for music lovers ran by music lovers! We have been collecting all things music for over 20 years. We are excited to bring our passion to you!!"

ZIA Records Las Vegas:  "Since 1980, Zia has been the Southwest's home base for music, movies & merch."

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